Monday, July 18, 2011


Time heals all wounds, they say. And for the most part they (that anonymous Greek Chorus we refer to all the time) are right. But there are still scars left from those wounds... scars on your heart.

I have not been posting in, like, forever.  And it's not because I have become a recluse and sit weeping in quiet desperation. I'm just... processing.  Lots of extreme change takes time to adjust to.  Clearly, the universe felt my coping skills needed a brush up - so I have been in an accelerated course ore' this last 12 months. And now, I am just tired. Good thing I am going on my first REAL vacation in years this September - Tuscany! Woot!

I don't have really anything to say - but I felt like checking into the blog-o-sphere where I've been lurking more than posting as of late. But, that's all part of the process. Ha!


Ashley said...

TUSCANY!!!!!!! ahhhhh!!!

I'm planning a trip to italy for next summer :)

It's totally important for you to take all the time you need. And it sounds like this trip is going to help the healing process :)

The Grunt said...

I totally understand the process because I'm still going through mine. Tuscany sounds nice!