Tuesday, August 02, 2011

24/7 - Blog and Soak

So my newest hang-out is Lucy's LaundryMart - open 24-hours a day and 7 days a week. Inside are massive front-laoding washers and dryers of all sizes and capacities, a Starbuck's, and ACE Check cashing service, a Wells fargo ATM AND a Subway which is also 24/7.  Right now they are blasting Soundgarten on the overhead speakers but the constant hum of machines and epic -sized fans is barely allowing the music to come through. Yes, folks - all this and the topper? It's is wifi - allowing me to blog and launder clothes simultaneously. Who'd-a-thought?

I was going to a typical laundry mat, but my friend DW turned me on to Lucy's 24, mainly cuz' of the wi-fi - but it's also an eclectic crowd here. We're on the boarder of Silver Lake and Echo Park (a mix of coolie-ville and lower income families) - so in the midst of  peeps found here (like the general population of this area) are young Mexican families with lots of teeny kids running around and girls with dyed black hair w/ straight bangs and horn-rimmed glasses, dudes with beards and funky bermuda shorts, young couples with artistic integrity (whatever that means - I just could not think of a better description) and yours truly.

However I am finding the biggest flaw is that while Subway is open 24-7, at 9:00pm Starbucks has rolled away its table and chairs and dropped the cage over the counter = epic fail. How couldn't use a double shot cappuccino during a midnight laundry run?


Ashley said...

Love this post. and I have never gone to a laundromat!! But you're making me want to try it out, just once, for the people watching.

"Young couples with artisitic integrity."

I like it :)

The Grunt said...

The next big thing is organic laundry mats: you wash your clothes in a river and beat them on a rock. You heard it from me first!

Great, now I used up a perfectly good idea for a post.

Jinnifer richard said...

This is new technology we will use in coming days

Ashley said...

Soooo...are you going to blog again?? :)